Un favor, por favor

Sandro and Ágatha are at the swimming pool taking a sunbath. Sandro has some needs…

In this episode you will learn: how to ask for a favor in Spanish, how to reject and accept doing a favor in Spanish, how to explain what you are doing at the moment in Spanish, how to try to convince someone to do a favor for you in Spanish.


SANDRO: ¿Me puedes hacer un favor?

ÁGATHA: Depende

SANDRO: ¿Me puedes poner crema solar en la espalda?


SANDRO: ¿Por qué?

ÁGATHA: Estoy tomando el sol

SANDRO: Venga Ágatha, que son sólo 30 segundos.


SANDRO: ¡Que son sólo 30 segundos!

ÁGATHA: ¡Que no! que estoy leyendo.

SANDRO: ¿Estás leyendo o estás tomando el sol?

ÁGATHA: Todo a la vez. Mira, ahora estoy bebiendo.

SANDRO: Por tu culpa me estoy quemando la espalda.

ÁGATHA: Bueno vale. Tú ganas. Ya voy. Pero que conste que te hago el favor porque tú y tus quejas me estáis poniendo de los nervios.


ÁGATHA: Pesadito…



SANDRO: Can you do me a favour?

ÁGATHA: It depends.

SANDRO: Can you put me some sunscreen on my back?



ÁGATHA: I’m sunbathing.

SANDRO: Come on Agatha, it’s only 30 seconds.


SANDRO: It’s only 30 seconds!

ÁGATHA: I said no! I’m reading.

SANDRO: ¿Are you reading or are you sunbathing?

ÁGATHA: Everything at the same time. Look, now I’m drinking.

SANDRO: It’s your fault that my back is burning.

ÁGATHA: Well, ok. You win. I’m going to do it. But let’s be clear that I’m doing this as a favour because you and your complaining are getting on my nerves.

SANDRO: Right…

ÁGATHA: Pain in the ass…



¿Me puedes hacer un favor?
Can you do me a favor?
This is the expression we use to ask for favour. Can is translated by PODER, this verb is very used to ask favour or permission. Examples: ¿Puedes ayudarme?

¡Venga, Ágatha!
Come on, Agatha!
¡Venga! is a expression to persuade someone to do something, it has no literal meaning.

Estoy leyendo un libro.
I’m reading a book.
This structure of the verb ESTAR+ Verb in gerund is used to indicate that the action is being done at the same time we are speaking. There are more examples on the video: Estoy tomando el sol.( I’m sunbathing). Estoy bebiendo (I’m drinking). Me estás poniendo de los nervios (You’re putting me in the nerves).

Me estoy quemando la espalda por tu culpa.
It’s your fault that I’m burning my back.
When you want to blame someone, we use this expression in Spanish.